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Spring Break Is Here....

Yeah...sure. And, I have to go to an out of town class this first weekend of my spring break...and take a midterm...and write two term papers during the next week...and complete my reading list for Young Adult services...and........

Okay, will completely stop complaining now and get used to the fact (completely this time) that I have no life, that this condition is not likely to change, and that I will end up living in a library for the next five years (at least). But that is okay...because I am not bitter.

Anyway, there is not much to discuss right now. I am constantly making "to do" lists and getting half of it done before I realize that I skipped several important things along the way. I am convinced that I will be freaking out in about a month from complete exhaustion.

Living it up at The University of Alabama...

After finally getting an acceptance letter for a PhD program, I have finally started to relax a little. This, of course, is a bad thing because I have so much to do right now!!! I really can't wait for the spring holidays...but I have so much to do.

In any case, last night I had a wonderful evening with my friend Kelly. She invited me to accompany her to the UA Law School ball. Great chance to dress up and live it up at a U of A event. We ate at Evangeline's and then attended the ball at the Tuscaloosa Country Club. I haven't been out there in a while...and, at 10 pm, it was a real treat trying to find the place.

Other than that, I really don't have any news. Life is too overwhelming at the moment! Maybe once I finally calm down and get a plan together for my life over the next four to six years, I will feel better. I am already having panic attacks about my dissertation committee...and I don't even know who will be on it yet!

Stressed Out Susie

I-tunes update...

Six songs!!! I love Pepsi...and I am bouncing off the walls.

Pepsi Is My New Best Friend...

Diet, of course.

I believe that caffeine is generally a bad thing...unless it allows me to obtain free music. Never one to win anything (especially under soft drink caps), I have now won four (4!!!) free songs from I-tunes. I am so excited. Just thought that now would be a perfect opportunity to shamelessly plug both companies. After all, the drinks are bottled in Birmingham and I love Apple computers! And, with lack of funds these days, it seems like a free song is just the thing to perk me up. I am a HUGE fan of I-tunes. It is my music source of choice.

Other than that, nothing much is happening these days. I am looking for lots of free things to do when I go to, if anyone out there has any ideas, please let me know. (Does anyone have any ideas about good walks to go on in London??)

Well, everyone take care! More later, after I download all of my free music!!!


This is my very first posting to the, everyone please be patient with me! I am not even sure how I will use this blog for the next few months. I didn't want to begin it until I arrived overseas this summer...however, with my limited knowledge of technology, I thought I should begin now. In any case, I will be sending frequent updates over the summer.

Right now, I am still trying to finish the library/research program. I am completely exhuasted taking four classes and teaching three, but I will make it! I keep remembering that I have great plans for the summer!

Well, enough for now. More later...