Spring Break Is Here....

Yeah...sure. And, I have to go to an out of town class this first weekend of my spring break...and take a midterm...and write two term papers during the next week...and complete my reading list for Young Adult services...and........

Okay, will completely stop complaining now and get used to the fact (completely this time) that I have no life, that this condition is not likely to change, and that I will end up living in a library for the next five years (at least). But that is okay...because I am not bitter.

Anyway, there is not much to discuss right now. I am constantly making "to do" lists and getting half of it done before I realize that I skipped several important things along the way. I am convinced that I will be freaking out in about a month from complete exhaustion.


Elizabeth said…
I know know why you've been sleepy when I see you: you're drinking pepsi and thinking about spring break, even as you are dreaming in technicolor about harry potter. What are we to do?
Meanwhile, I haven't yet figured the delicacies of blogging.

El izabeth, AKA
El citrone

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