Tomorrow is the last day for Pepsi I-tunes!!

Total: I won my last one today...9 songs!!!! I am so excited.

The game ends tomorrow. I just have a good eye for the right bottles. I have only purchased three that were not winners!

Anyway, things are picking up in speed here. My students will be turning in research papers soon...and I have several to write myself.

I am still waiting to find out details about my trip to London this having problems reaching anyone at the home school I will be traveling with in July. Oh well. I guess I will get there eventually!


Melissa said…
You are hilarious Susie!! I can't believe how excited you are getting about pepsi!! Anyway, I wanted to touch base with you since I haven't heard from you in about 30 years!! WHERE ARE YOU!?! I have Lord of the Banquet stories and more! Can we get together ASAP?? I thought maybe you were done checking emails so I'm doing this instead - email me when you get a chance!!

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