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Updatin' the Update

There really is not too much new that I can tell everyone! I am not reading "The Egoist" anymore because my reading list for that class is in a constant state of change...

I did see a really interesting movie. I watched "Girl With a Pearl Earring". It was really good, but I am still wondering about it a little bit.

After deciding against reading "The Egoist," I began to read a "for fun" book. Right now, I am reading "The Time Traveler's Wife". So far, I really like it. I am sure I will have something more to say about it...there are some provocative moments created just within the first few pages.

Well....more later...when I actually have something interesting to say. :)

Seduced by My Scanner

I am in a campus lab, trying to scan in photos from the infamous trip to Florida...and it will not work. I am mesmerized by pop-ups and buttons, clicking until my brain is fried. So, I will have to attempt the photo thing later.

Other than that, nothing new to report, really. I could bombard everyone with useless information...such as: I just finished a really interesting biography about Alexander Hamilton. See link: Alexander Hamilton: American

I always knew that he looked interesting on the $10 bill. We all know the story of the duel, but he had a great wit as well. (Early in the book there is a hilarious comment about the "trouble" taken on with a virgin wife.)

Other than that, I am just beginning to read from the enormous reading list I have for the fall...first up: The Egoist. Not sure about this one...usually am not a fan of 17th/18th century lit. I am taking two Victorian lit courses, so that makes me happy. One is a Charles Dickens seminar. The other is just a survey...…

Future Floridian

Well, I survived my trip to USF...found a place to live...bought furniture...all is well. (I hope!) My new place (will move in mid-Aug.) looks great. I also really enjoyed touring the USF campus. Everyone was so nice down there and my friend, Ann, was a huge help. I never would have found my way around without her!

Meanwhile, the thoughts of moving so far away are overwhelming! There is so much to do and the drive is sooooo long. Still, I have to do it and it will be for the best.

While we were down there, I saw Treasure Island beach...only one word can describe it: Amazing. It is huge and beautiful. Note to self: only go on week days during the off season!

Well, hopefully, I will have more coherent thoughts totally exhausted.

Lovin' My Friends at Southern Living

Today I finally had a chance to visit with my good friends up at Southern Progress/Southern Living. (For those who don't know me all that well, I worked for two years at the magazine...) Anyway, I saw my lovely friends, Karen and Nancy (who I also babysit for on occasion!!!). I also saw my partner in crime, the man I could always count on to be as silly as I was (playing with Ice Punch Ed, pretending to be in a James Bond movie in the halls, and laughing ...softly of course...during muffin meetings), Chris! Much love to them all. They are truly the best SL has to offer...along with my friend Gary Ford, of course!...but Gary, since getting married a while back, is conspicuously absent these days.

Other than that, things have been very dull around here. I began the packing process two days ago...and, well, ...I abandoned it today because it stressed me out too much!

On another note, poor Anthony Federov left American Idol tonight. Of course, we must all cheer on Bo Bice...I like Car…

COPS--Tuscaloosa Style

I saw something yesterday that I had never seen before...

My father and I met for coffee at Books-a-Million. We were having a very interesting conversation about teaching styles when suddenly this Toyota Camry (circa 1990) pulled up outside of the cafe. I saw some movement in the car, but I couldn't tell what was going on. Then, the car rolled forward, stopped, and rolled forward again. All the while, I could see movement in the car. (We were sitting right next to the window.) Then, this man, who was sitting outside, came into Joe Mugg's and said that someone should call the police because the two people in the car were fighting. The lady behind the counter didn't want to do anything, and I kept looking at her and then again at the car. A few seconds later, the guy, who was on the passenger side, jumped out of the car, ran around to the driver's side, and forced his girlfriend out of the car, slamming her on the ground. They struggled a moment, she got away, and, then, …

Last Call

Well, tonight I attended my final dinner party with the UA English department folks. It was a great time, filled with food and drinks and great conversation...though I won't bore anyone with all of the details. The party took place at Alex Sartwell's home (a close friend of my friend Carol Adams). He has a lovely old home in the historic district here in Tuscaloosa. His kitchen is is the rest of the house. It has so many great little details. I love old homes.

In other news, I am adapting quite well to having a lot of free time. Today, I slept in and then Melanie and I drove to Helena (home of Bo Bice on American Idol). Melanie wanted to look for some new beads (she makes really cool stuff). Helena is a cute town near Hoover in Birmingham. We had a time finding it because we got directions from someone who should not be giving out directions.

Well, enough for now as I am sleepy from champagne. One of the ladies at the party is from France and we celebrated the fact…

Jesus Appears in Cottondale

He was in a long white robe and carried a Bible. He certainly looked the part; and, while I am all for expression of belief, it did bother me that he did not have any shoes on his feet...but he had drawn a little crowd so I guess his work for the day is done.

Otherwise, nothing much to report. It is so nice to actually have time on my hands to write on the blog...I give an exam in about 45 minutes to my freshman English 102 class. I am so sick of grading.

More later....
And, "Mr. Grant," I dedicate "Cryin'" to you (to make up for the lack of Aerosmith).

Just a few more days...

And I will be finished teaching at Alabama! I have to admit that I am happy to be leaving this campus. It is time for a change.

Nothing new is happening to me these days. I am grading all of the time and I will be grading all of this weekend (grades for my students are due by Tuesday).

Today was my father's we celebrated Cinco de Mayo style at Los Tarascos.

On a bit of a sad note, I must announce that I will not be going to England this summer, which I find incredibly depressing. But, considering that I will be an out-of-state student next year, I think that I should save as much as possible.

In other news, my friend Katie went to Talladega over the weekend...and she had a great time! My friend Melanie had her graduation party over the weekend as well. We had a great time and I will be posting a photo soon. She looks fabulous, but I look like a ghost...I need some serious beach time, involving a few beers and some tanning lotion. Anyway, it is the last recent photo of…

Justification For Those Who Wish to Have the Last Name "Grant"

You are just wonderful the way you are. Still, you should use the accent now and then...and the fascination with the Grants...well, they make me someone else I know. It is very sexy. :)

Music? I did have Aerosmith down once. True, I did not have other bands down (and we know who those are...)...Go back to that page: my reason for not including certain musicians or other music is because every word I use creates a another blog...and, well, I really didn't want everyone linking up to my blog as well. It is the internet... I must not be too personal.

Until next time....