Seduced by My Scanner

I am in a campus lab, trying to scan in photos from the infamous trip to Florida...and it will not work. I am mesmerized by pop-ups and buttons, clicking until my brain is fried. So, I will have to attempt the photo thing later.

Other than that, nothing new to report, really. I could bombard everyone with useless information...such as: I just finished a really interesting biography about Alexander Hamilton. See link: Alexander Hamilton: American

I always knew that he looked interesting on the $10 bill. We all know the story of the duel, but he had a great wit as well. (Early in the book there is a hilarious comment about the "trouble" taken on with a virgin wife.)

Other than that, I am just beginning to read from the enormous reading list I have for the fall...first up: The Egoist. Not sure about this one...usually am not a fan of 17th/18th century lit. I am taking two Victorian lit courses, so that makes me happy. One is a Charles Dickens seminar. The other is just a survey...most of the stuff I have read, thank God.

Well, that is enough for now....more later...and maybe I will get the scanner thing taken care of soon!


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