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More Fun With Books...and On the Road Again

Well, after the reading list changed again, I decided to switch classes again...So, I started reading a really interesting book written in the 1700s, PAMELA. The book is basically about a young servant girl seduced by the master of the house. Very risque and fun. Anyway, I got about halfway through when the summer session at UA began. So, now, I am reading really fun books (thrillers, mysteries, etc.). We have to read a book from every genre...and, did everyone know about the Adult Westerns out there? Very interesting indeed...

Other than that, my friend Melissa and I have started running again. It is hell starting up again and getting up so early...but, it is worth it.

Moving day is approaching and I still have so much to do. It is amazing how much useless stuff one accumulates.

Well, more later. Everyone e-mail me soon!!!