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Postin' Again...and Below the Root

Well, I am two classes away from finishing the MLIS degree!! Yea. After tomorrow night, I am officially a nonstudent until August. What will I do??? I can think of a few things!

So far, nothing all that new to report. I did make an interesting discovery on the internet, though. For two years, I have been searching for any kind of reference to this computer game I played years ago when we had an Apple IIE. (See this link: could never remember the name of it...I could only remember that the character lived in a tree, climbed vines, gathered food, and went underground. Anyway, I finally found out the name the other night: Below the Root!!!I loved that game...and apparently so did a lot of people...even more so now because no one can find it anywhere. There is a place to download it, but I will try that later. The thing about the game was that it sucked you into this fantasy world created by Zilpha Keatly Snyder (the author of Below the Root--t…