Oranges Everywhere

Everyone knows my fascination with oranges, so this blog is about my love for them. First of all, the only good thing about getting a new car tag is that I have oranges on it! Right now, scarily enough, the sky is orange....not good because we are having a really bad storm right now. It looks really strange and scary.

Anyway, for those who don't know about my fascination, I will lay it out for you. I have always loved oranges. However, my love took the form of obsession when I went to Kissimmee, Florida, once and saw the fabulous Orange World ( ). I was very excited to see a place totally devoted to my favorite fruit. However, when I went inside, I was totally disappointed. The place smelled really bad and the only thing even sort of orange were some sad oranges outside in molding crates.

All the way back to Tuscaloosa, I planned. My dream is to take over Orange World, create a fantasy world for orange lovers. For example, I wanted to have tons of beautiful Florida oranges outside. Then, as the customer enters the store, I would have a little spritz of scent d'orange great them. I would sell all kinds of orange food products, books, toys (hey, Chris, how about an Ice Punch Orange???), etc. I could have a small cafe with orange desserts and drinks. If I wanted to get tacky, I could sell adult oil, edible orange underwear...ugh...not sure about that. Anyway, the ultimate attraction...after getting my feet on the ground, would be to add a slow moving ride that would take you through the animated history of the orange and show the oranges of the world. dream. ORANGE WORLD. Then, when things really take off, I will add Citrus World...a non-exclusive fruit atmosphere.

(A side note: I visit Orange World each time I go to Kissimmee. The last time, things had improved at Orange World. There was a lovely new cover outside and even an orange essence on the inside. They have begun to sell t-shirts with oranges on them and a few food products. Much work to do, but it is getting better.)


Anonymous said…
Very Much like your BLOG ! Am Bookmarking NOW !

I have a slide guitar soundsite/blog. It pretty much covers slide guitar sound related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)
Dad said…
Have been reading your blog entries. Great fun! Once started, I could not stop. Realy do love the way you write and expess yourself. Hey! Hope you get satisfaction from officials in Tampa. The 'Jerk' need to apologize.

Love you,
Anonymous said…
Now I am hungrey.
Anonymous said…
Now I am hungrey.

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