Very Wrong

Well, last night I had a total panic attack about the job market. After talking to my parents (i.e. my rocks in life), I felt better. However, I still wasn't in the best frame of, I fell as low as one can get. No, I did not descend into the pit of drug and alcohol abuse (all of that starts because of graduate school...I know that now). I did something much worse....

I watched the E! True Hollywood Story: Cheech and Chong.

Good low can you get? I mean, that is definitely the sign of a dead brain. By this morning, I was still confused about it.

Anyway, today I am a bit better. I finalized all the details for my new, expensive Florida car insurance. However, I do have to say that Geico rocks. They really are the best...and I LOVE the commercials. My favorite is the one featuring Speed Racer. If you have not seen it (and if you have media player), you can access it at: . I always laugh.

Other than that, I have been talking to my apartment manager again. She is the best...and now I know why. She is a Southerner! She is from Tennessee and her husband is from Alabama. He is a die-hard Alabama fan; and, when she found out I was from Tuscaloosa, she said that her husband, if he ever met me, would want to kiss me. Not sure about that, but it was funny!

Well that is about it for today. For those of you leaving comments now there is a bit of a change in the process. I installed word verification on the comments section (thanks, Katie!) and that should block useless spam messages. Anyway, more later!


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