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Wilma: Any excuse for a party will do!

Okay. I am alive and well. Wilma was just a windy event for us here in Tampa. My parents are visiting and we just used the time indoors to enjoy the evils of drink. When dad and I went to get pizza last night, dad noticed a liquor store next door to Pizza Hut. He left me and came back with a bottle of Maker's Mark (everyone must drink Maker's Mark...I am an ambassador, you know...). Then, he left me again, and came back with beer. We really don't drink a lot, but this is their vacation...and I am totally stressed from we had a good time. We ended up not touching the Maker's Mark last night, but dad drank some beer and mom and I polished off a great bottle of wine. I will save the Maker's Mark for later! (I can't wait to get my ambassador bottle in three years!!!!)

Anyway, all is well here. My neighbors have been amazingly quiet (knock on wood). Mom and I have been cooking and shopping a little. Other than that, all is quiet.

More strange happenings....

Okay. Today I was sitting outside of the campus library, scrolling through my missed call log on the cell phone, when the strangest thing happened.... In the distance, I could hear someone humming "Chariots of Fire". I didn't think much of it, but then it got louder and louder. Soon, this guy was shuffling toward me. His head was shaved and he was balancing a half-full bottle of water on his head....all the while, humming "Chariots of Fire". Now, I have never been one to laugh in someone's face, but I could not help myself this time. I tried to exit gracefully, but that was impossible. I collapsed in laughter as I walked away (well, a mental collapse, anyway!). He kept shuffling along and I went to Java City in the business building. About an hour later, as I was sitting on a bench outside of the A&S building, I heard it again. He shuffled by me once more, but kept going. The guy across from me completely lost control and laughed. That got me started as…

Wilma...GO AWAY!!!

Well, because I don't own any property to board up, I decided to use my blog as a site to post my message to the storm. My favorite part of hurricane coverage is the selection of "message shots"--you know, the little messages people paint onto wood covering up their windows...I love those. I tried to think of something witty, but I could not think of any good "W" words. My brain is fried. So, "Wilma...GO AWAY!!!" is the best that I can do at the moment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Other than that, I have been working like crazy trying to finish midterm grades for my students. Also, I am working on a paper and two projects....ugh. I need a nap. I have thought about doubling up on the Tylenol PM, but that would put me out for days...and I am such a cheap drunk.

Well, everyone take care. Here's hoping Wilma stays way south of here!

Hair Crimping: Just Say NO.

I saw a girl with crimped hair today...I know that people went crazy for that after Howard the Duck around 87-89...but, it never looked good then and it sure does not look good now. It was sensory overload for me. I saw her as I exited the A&S building--then, immediately after coming off of the shock of that, I passed the AIDS Awareness table...a table with various assortments of free safe-sex accessories.

These were not run-of-the-mill fact, I think they may have picked them up somewhere further down Dale Mabry (a LONG street in Tampa that encompasses EVERYTHING...There is something for everyone.). I found the assortment eye-catching; and, while I did not partake in the free safe-sex accessories, I spent some time looking at them...thinking that U of A would have only supplied the most boring of these items. I have to find out where they get their funding.

Tampa Bay Community Network...not all it promised.

Well, last night was a complete bust on Tampa Bay Community Network. The shows were not nearly as exciting as they were two weeks ago. Instead, I decided to watch some of my own DVDs.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend, Anne, brought over her new puppy. She named the puppy Bailey (after the cream and the Haagen Dazs ice cream drink!)...and she is the cutest puppy I have ever seen! (Aside from my Casey, of course.) She was so clean when Anne brought her over to visit. However, by the time she left, after rolling around in the dirt, she needed a bath. Just a warning: when you come to visit me you may be completely normal--but you will return home a ruffian.

Anyway, it is a little too early here to find anything interesting to say. I will try to update tonight.

I'm back, Miss Katie.

Hey, girl! Thanks for the message...I have been totally busy and this midterm is killing me. I am busy writing lots of little papers and preparing lots of little presentations. Oh, how full my life is.

Anyway, now to today's post:

I have been working all day, but I decided to drive over to Borders for a cup o' Borders Blend. On the way, I passed a woman's car with the bumper sticker: "Go ahead...I'm just reloading."

This sticker is actually quite appropriate for Florida. We have a law here that basically allows you to kill anyone (even if they aren't on your property) if that person presents a threat to your safety. We are now called the new wild west. Now, while I could appreciate the introduction of some cowboys to this scenario, I am not really for random shooting. However, good old Jeb Bush thinks that this is a neat plan. I guess I need to learn how to shoot.

Other than that, I am totally brain dead. I wish I could think of something interesting to say. …

What to say???

Well, today has been one of those rushing around kind of days. In fact, the entire weekend leading up to today has been like that. And, I have been working steadily on a paper, trying to finish it before Thursday...and I found out that it isn't due for another two weeks. I am ahead of the game in that class, but so far behind in others. All of the calendar days start blending together.

I have been grading papers for most of the day, and then I went to my 18th cent. lit. class this afternoon. I love that class. I knew almost nothing about the period until I enrolled, but it is fascinating. And, our professor, Dr. Runge, is FABULOUS. She is so interested in and excited about what she is contagious.

I am not sure I am the contagious sort of teacher in composition! I am not sure it is all that possible. But, I do have some great students this semester. Their papers are average, as far as freshman papers go, but the ideas inside of the the disorganization are excellent. Now.…

Olivia Rules

I haven't added any of my Olivia Newton-John photos! This one isn't the greatest one I have, but because my scanner is not co-operating with my computer, this one will have to do! Anyway, I realized I needed to pay homage to my favorite singer. If anyone is interested, there is a great fan club site:

If you aren't a fan, you should ask yourself, "Have you never been mellow?"

I Have Seen It All...

Oh, my. I think that I have discovered the worst show in the history of television. And, yet, it is like a bad train just can't pull your eyes away from the freak show. This program, I guess it is called "It's My Show," is on Tampa Bay Community Television. Usually, this station only shows things like educational programs or city council meetings. I suppose you could say this show was educational, um, in a bad way...I still can't figure it out... Basically, the show is just a freespeak (the only word I can come up with that mirrors what it reminded me of...which was free writing) or stream of consciousness kind of thing. Don't get the impression that it is artistic! It is just really bad. (Melanie and I need to replace them. At least we always had a show theme in mind!) Here is the link...but it does not do it justice: .
Anyway, the host is a woman named Robyn. The co-host tonight was another girl. The last 25+ minutes …