Hair Crimping: Just Say NO.

I saw a girl with crimped hair today...I know that people went crazy for that after Howard the Duck around 87-89...but, it never looked good then and it sure does not look good now. It was sensory overload for me. I saw her as I exited the A&S building--then, immediately after coming off of the shock of that, I passed the AIDS Awareness table...a table with various assortments of free safe-sex accessories.

These were not run-of-the-mill fact, I think they may have picked them up somewhere further down Dale Mabry (a LONG street in Tampa that encompasses EVERYTHING...There is something for everyone.). I found the assortment eye-catching; and, while I did not partake in the free safe-sex accessories, I spent some time looking at them...thinking that U of A would have only supplied the most boring of these items. I have to find out where they get their funding.


katie g. said…
You SOOOO should have picked up some accessories....Crimped hair you say? That is one brave fashion move. You just wonder how that comes about...I mean, she had to get up that morning and consciously make the decision to do that to her hair. hmmm.

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