I Have Seen It All...

Oh, my. I think that I have discovered the worst show in the history of television. And, yet, it is like a bad train wreck...you just can't pull your eyes away from the freak show. This program, I guess it is called "It's My Show," is on Tampa Bay Community Television. Usually, this station only shows things like educational programs or city council meetings. I suppose you could say this show was educational, um, in a bad way...I still can't figure it out... Basically, the show is just a freespeak (the only word I can come up with that mirrors what it reminded me of...which was free writing) or stream of consciousness kind of thing. Don't get the impression that it is artistic! It is just really bad. (Melanie and I need to replace them. At least we always had a show theme in mind!) Here is the link...but it does not do it justice: http://www.its-my-show.com/ .
Anyway, the host is a woman named Robyn. The co-host tonight was another girl. The last 25+ minutes had to do with some bizarre rant about a trip. The co-host kept flipping her hair and Robyn's cell phone kept going off...she answers it while on television. Literally, this is the show about nothing. I think they film it themselves as well. Very strange. And, now, there is something called "Chuck Roast" playing on the channel. Two hosts...one named Chuck...the other, named Helacious Chuck. I am so concerned. I mean, I am so concerned that I can't even write coherently tonight.

However, that may have more to do with the high I have right now due to Alabama beating the crap out of the University of Florida....ah, vengeance is mine at last. I knew I wasn't meant to be a Gator. I don't look good in orange. Crimson and Green are my colors!

After watching the game, my friend, Ann, and I went to another wine tasting. This one wasn't as good as last week's. We thought they were having a selection of Australian wines; however, the plans must have changed because, for the most part, all we drank was really bad wine. I enjoyed the company, though! And the other people there were really nice. We wanted to go to the other store and try their selection, but I was feeling a little light-headed...I needed food! So, we went to eat instead. We went to a place called "Liang's Bistro". I had the Orange Peel Chicken...excellent! And, the portions were huge...I have enough food for at least two more meals. The prices are comparable to other Chinese restaurants at dinner time. The atmosphere and service are great. Grade: A.

Other than that, earlier today, I read an 18th cent. play titled "The Fantomina: Or, Love in a Maze"
( http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Texts/fantomina.html ). Wow. Talk about steamy. Basically, there is a young lady who is a virgin (of course) and very rich (of course). She wants to gain experience before marriage but wants control of the situation. So, she sets her sights on a man who is a gentleman. However, she knows that she cannot "experience" anything with him unless she is in disguise. She observes him at a seedy establishment and then they spend the night together. Nothing happens that night, but eventually, she becomes a lady of much experience, telling him that she is a country gentlewoman named Fantomina, just in town for a little business with her father. However, the man soon loses interest and ditches her to go to Bath, England. She follows him there and takes on another disguise in the form of a maid named Celia. They immediately consummate the relationship...he, of course, has no idea that she is the same woman as Fantomina. Soon, the man tires of "Celia" as well, and so she takes on another persona, the "Widow". The "widow" and the man have an affair...and he, of course, eventually loses interest. Lots of interesting situations take place, and in order to discover his true feelings about herself, Fantomina/Celia/Widow decides to play the part of a fourth person--the Incognita. Writing to him and wearing a mask when they meet, the two have sex in the dark and the woman keeps her disguise. The man leaves in anger and Fantomina/Celia/Widow/Incognita tries to decide what to do next. However, the woman's real mother, a very virtuous woman, returns to the city from the country and Fantomina must resume her real identity. Her mother has heard rumors about strange happenings with her daughter (who, until this point, is under a naive aunt's care), and has returned to make sure her daughter remains virtuous. However, even though they retire to their normal life, the young woman carries a secret...she is pregnant! AND this is the best scene ever: after trying to hide the pregnancy for a long time, she goes into labor at a ball!!!! The story goes on a bit...but that is the best part. I mean, who would have thought that this type of story would have been published so long ago. This just proves that we misread the past. Nothing ever changes. It may on the surface, but essentially, things stay the same.

As far as my interpretation, well, I am still working on it. But, I find the idea of "the Fantomina" as a business woman to be very interesting. She refers to her body in many places as a type of product. The word "business" is used constantly...but I would have to look at the 17th/18th century usage. Also, there seems to be a bit of a Troilus/Criseyde thing happening...not completely, but somewhat. Very interesting stuff...very surprising, as well.

Well, that is all I have to say today. I am completely exhausted and am trying to finish reading an 18th cent. play called "The Beggar's Opera". It is great as well...but I can't talk about it now because I am only on Act II. Until later....


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