I'm back, Miss Katie.

Hey, girl! Thanks for the message...I have been totally busy and this midterm is killing me. I am busy writing lots of little papers and preparing lots of little presentations. Oh, how full my life is.

Anyway, now to today's post:

I have been working all day, but I decided to drive over to Borders for a cup o' Borders Blend. On the way, I passed a woman's car with the bumper sticker: "Go ahead...I'm just reloading."

This sticker is actually quite appropriate for Florida. We have a law here that basically allows you to kill anyone (even if they aren't on your property) if that person presents a threat to your safety. We are now called the new wild west. Now, while I could appreciate the introduction of some cowboys to this scenario, I am not really for random shooting. However, good old Jeb Bush thinks that this is a neat plan. I guess I need to learn how to shoot.

Other than that, I am totally brain dead. I wish I could think of something interesting to say. I guess I am just going through a phase. I am sure a great post will be in the works this time tomorrow night...the Tampa Bay Community Network is bound to provide some interesting material worthy of commentary.

Until then...


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