Wilma: Any excuse for a party will do!

Okay. I am alive and well. Wilma was just a windy event for us here in Tampa. My parents are visiting and we just used the time indoors to enjoy the evils of drink. When dad and I went to get pizza last night, dad noticed a liquor store next door to Pizza Hut. He left me and came back with a bottle of Maker's Mark (everyone must drink Maker's Mark...I am an ambassador, you know...). Then, he left me again, and came back with beer. We really don't drink a lot, but this is their vacation...and I am totally stressed from school...so we had a good time. We ended up not touching the Maker's Mark last night, but dad drank some beer and mom and I polished off a great bottle of wine. I will save the Maker's Mark for later! (I can't wait to get my ambassador bottle in three years!!!!)

Anyway, all is well here. My neighbors have been amazingly quiet (knock on wood). Mom and I have been cooking and shopping a little. Other than that, all is quiet.


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