Wilma...GO AWAY!!!

Well, because I don't own any property to board up, I decided to use my blog as a site to post my message to the storm. My favorite part of hurricane coverage is the selection of "message shots"--you know, the little messages people paint onto wood covering up their windows...I love those. I tried to think of something witty, but I could not think of any good "W" words. My brain is fried. So, "Wilma...GO AWAY!!!" is the best that I can do at the moment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Other than that, I have been working like crazy trying to finish midterm grades for my students. Also, I am working on a paper and two projects....ugh. I need a nap. I have thought about doubling up on the Tylenol PM, but that would put me out for days...and I am such a cheap drunk.

Well, everyone take care. Here's hoping Wilma stays way south of here!


Wilma said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
katie g. said…
What comment was deleted? Anyhoo, I hope you make it through the storm okay and that this is the last one for the season. Good luck!

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