Brain Dead

I can't go brain is toast...not even good multigrain toast...I am done.

If I have to read one more chapter of Bleak House (and I do), I may spontaneously combust (just like Mr. Krook). In fact, I still can't get over the whole spontaneous combustion thing. It just happens. I still am not sure why, but maybe I have to finish the book first. I hope I have enough energy to do that. Actually, the book isn't bad. I am just so exhausted right now that I can't think anymore.

Today was a nice day, though. The sky was cloudless and it was just cool enough to put the windows up. I stayed in most of the day, except for a brief detour to Wal-Mart. My VCR broke...and, I haven't replaced all of my movies on tape with new DVD, I still need a VCR. I found a VCR-DVD player on sale and happily purchased it. I am not sure what to make of it plays so well compared to the last one! Who knew that the VCR would play an entire movie without shutting off?

Well, I guess I will get back to Bleak House. I am still coming to terms with Esther's scars...why did Dickens do that??? It is as bad as little Nell going off to the angels.


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