Ms. Jolie, could I please have your arms?

I just bought the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I saw it in the theater and LOVED it. So, I decided to make yet another DVD purchase (Jessica, you know I have a sickness). Anyway, I took a break from grading papers earlier this evening and decided to watch it. It was just as good as I remembered it, and I am envious of Angelina Jolie's arms. I wonder how much she works out...obviously, I don't have that kind of will. Admittedly, I trained for a marathon and did run a 23 mile training run (after which I became so ill that I could no longer run the marathon that took place two weeks later...). So, I know that I have it in me to stick to some kind of training routine. HOWEVER...right now, the only training I am doing is flipping the pages of my books.
There really isn't anything new to report. I had a great Thanksgiving (and a great weekend before the holiday with Jess and Jeff!!!). Now, I am just looking forward to a Christmas break filled with pleasure reading while sitting at my favorite table at Bad Ass Coffee in T-town (lovin' the Vanilla Nut latte). I already have my to-be-read pile of books ready to go!!! I am such a geek. But, oh well. I may not have a job in five years after getting my PhD, but I will be a well-read homeless person.


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