Eyes Wide Open

Okay, so I had extreme fatigue over the weekend and could not get enough sleep. Then, last night, I could not sleep at all. What is up with that??? And, to top it off, I am not even tired today. I mean, I was up until 2:30, after which I dozed on and off for a very short while until I finally gave up around 5 a.m. UGH. My body is, at last, rejecting my busy schedule.

Nothing of interest (well, to anyone reading this) happened today. I think my last presentation went well (on Frances Burney). Now, I just have to fine tune my ideas so that I can actually write the paper.

I think that tonight, after all of the work I have done for the last few days, I will totally indulge in some visual entertainment. Should it be Dallas? A Hugh Grant movie? Oh, and speaking of Dallas, season 4, the one in which you discover "Who Shot J.R.?" will be out January 24. I am countin' down the days. However, the Tampa Tribune ruined it for me several weeks ago, during the anniversary of the episode, when they printed that Kristen shot him. FINE. I was so mad. I had been monitoring every conversation about Dallas with my relatives who were making fun of me for watching it, making sure that no one slipped and told me. My world has crumbled, and I m giving up my subscription to the Tampa Tribune in January. (Okay...it really isn't because of that...I just don't have time to read it.) Anyway, I will still enjoy watching Sue Ellen get drunk.

Oh! Heath, you used to call me Sue Ellen in high school, remember? That is hilarious! Well, I did not turn out to be a drunk. And, I have not married a misogynist oil tycoon either. Oh well. So much for the life of Susie.


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