What do I have???

Ugh... I feel completely awful today. I don't know what ails me. I am so tired (this has gone on for three days!!!) and I think I actually have a fever now. I never sleep during the day, but for the last two days, I have taken a three hour nap each day. When I left Border's this morning, my legs felt as weak as they did when I used to run really long training runs. I CANNOT get sick right now. I have so much work to do...At least, I probably don't have consumption...so I can fully disassociate myself with the Victorians.

Other than that, I feel that today's rant must also discuss my agitation with Tampa drivers. No wonder there are so many bad accidents and pedestrians killed. These folks just cannot wait and they don't care if they kill you in the process. Yesterday and today I completely lost patience with them, resulting in my coming home earlier than expected from my daily trip to Borders or Barnes and Noble. All I want is a short, quiet drive to the bookstore. Right. Not in this town. Even driving from Tuscaloosa to Barnes and Noble in Birmingham is less stressful. Anyway, that is all.


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