Why do some students make life difficult?? I can't understand why simple concepts are hard to follow. Oh well. Such is life. And, as usual, I have tons of students with A's in the class. Totally not a reflection of the true grade. Instead, it is merely a byproduct of the new "teaching methods" we use in freshman comp now. In other words, you can keep writing your papers over and over again until you make an A. There is no incentive to work hard on it the first time. Ugh. This happens every semester. So frustrating. And, then, you have students who really deserve the A, and get it, but so do others who don't. GRRRR...I feel like I did when I was averaging grades in LS 501 last fall.
So, other than that, I am waiting for a student to turn in a paper via e-mail so that I can turn these grades in to the registrar. I am a bit restless. Additionally, while waiting for students to turn in papers at Starbuck's this morning, I overheard some girl talking about the fact that she had just lost her virginity the night before. Ok. Once again: WHHHHHYYYYYY? Why is this something I need to hear while I am drinking my gingerbread latte and reading Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, all at 8:45 this morning? That is so wrong. Couldn't you save it until at least 10? Ugh. Get over it and get a box of condoms.


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