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4 jobs I've had in my life:
hostess at a Chinese restaurant
cashier at Dillards
English instructor

4 movies I could watch over and over:
Girl with a Pearl Earring
About a Boy
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (lovin' me some Alan Rickman)
Love, Actually

4 TV shows I love to watch:
Everybody loves Raymond
Super Nanny

4 places where I have lived:
Tuscaloosa, AL
Tampa, FL
Guadalajara, Mexico (very briefly)
fourth...yet to come!

4 places I've been to on vacation:
Cancun, Mexico
St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix
Puerto Rico

4 places I'd rather be:
On a huge spread of land nowhere near anyone somewhere in Montana or Wyoming.
York (in England...not Alabama...)
St. Croix

4 of my favourite foods:
Indian (almost anything)
Maccaroni and cheese
Sweet Potato Casserole
My mom's jalapeno corn casserole

4 websites I visit daily:

4 people to pass the …

Crazy Folk on the Road

I swear, I am amazed that we don't have more wrecks down here. These people are just plain stupid and crazy when it comes to driving. I saw three "almost" wrecks on my way to get a cup of coffee. I am convinced that I should just make my own coffee at home. However, I must run the risk of damaging my car...staying inside all day will kill me. Of course, something is amiss...ever since the meteorite incident on my way home, I feel that I am marked. Yes, folks, something fell from the sky and hit my car. I don't know what it was, but I do know that it came from above. However, at least I can mark "being struck by meteorite" off of my list of possible ways to die. I mean, what are the chances of it happening again? [Unless I am like that unfortunate soul in THE GREAT OUTDOORS (the movie) who was struck 66 times in the head by lightning...That would happen to me. I am a creature of pattern.]
Anyway, other than that ramble, nothing is happening. I am trying to …

Dallas--Season 4...thank goodness.

It is finally out! I have been waiting for months to see Kristen fess up to shooting JR. I will say that Lucy is getting on my nerves, but maybe she will change a bit as the season goes on. By the way, didn't the writers of this show realize that not everyone's long lost parent needs to show up in the first 6 episodes of season 4? Poor Miss Ellie...Jock was a jerk in his younger days. She should have divorced him and taken all of the Ewing oil profits.

Anyway, things are good here. I am trying to finish reading Hamlet and I have a ton of other stuff to do...I am just still so sleepy from my recent excursion to T-town. So, I have been really lazy and I have not gotten much done at all. I had a conversation with my graduate advisor the other day and it looks like I have just one more year of course work and then I have to take the three day comp. exams! I am so excited. Anyway, after I pass those, I can start on the final leg of my PhD...and, that means that I am just one step …

School is back in session...

And I feel the pain. It is deep and intense. Unfortunately, I am finding it very hard to be excited about this semester. I am not in classes that I am thrilled about and my early morning students seem to be more listless than usual. It is going to be a long semester. I have to get out of this funk!

Other than that, I am totally immersed in the sixth Harry Potter book. I am reading it super slowly...which is killing me...but I want to make it last as long as possible (another reason I didn't read it when it came out). I dread having to face the reality of the last installment. Rowling ought to continue the series!!!! Or, at least, write some prequels...that is an idea. Also, I have a theory about something. Rowling makes tons of allusions to historical events and literary characters in her books. Today I was reading about the French Revolution and was reminded that Arthur Wellesley defeated Napoleon at Waterloo...hmmm...Arthur Wellesley and Arthur Weasley...I think the Weasleys must…

A Lovely Evening...

Ahhh....I love to cook. I always forget until I actually do it. I decided that I wanted to cook some roasted vegetables tonight. My friend, Carol, always makes them when I go to her house for dinner in T-town. So, I looked around on the internet and found a recipe ( ).

It isn't the same as hers, but it is equally as good. It has a lot more stuff in it, but I plan to take out some of the ingredients next time and replace them with other veggies. So, I made that and a very little steak (my official "school is starting" meal), had a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir, and ate a slow, luxurious meal by myself (while watching "Girl with a Pearl Earring" while I was cooking and "Lord of the Rings" while I was eating). All in all, it has been a perfect evening so far!!!

Only a few days of freedom left!!!

Well, I am back in town and trying desperately to squeeze all of the pleasure reading I can into my schedule. School starts back on Tuesday (for me). SIGH. Anyway, I am looking forward to it, but I am still tired from Christmas.

Nothing interesting has happened lately. I went to Wal-Mart today and escaped without committing a murder. I hate the crowds at Wal-Mart and am convinced that one day I will be charged with a felony assault when I am pushed to my limit in there. Our store has placed little t.v. screens at the registers that advertise products in the story (usually DVD collections). It is really just a tactic to distract shoppers from long lines (WHY??? THERE ARE 35 LANES AND ONLY 8 ARE OPEN!!!). Meanwhile, it is just one more advertising glitch in my already overexposed life. I can't remember how much advertising we are exposed to each day, but I know it has to be more than the average released in government reports.

Well, am going to get into bed now...will be reading Harr…