Crazy Folk on the Road

I swear, I am amazed that we don't have more wrecks down here. These people are just plain stupid and crazy when it comes to driving. I saw three "almost" wrecks on my way to get a cup of coffee. I am convinced that I should just make my own coffee at home. However, I must run the risk of damaging my car...staying inside all day will kill me. Of course, something is amiss...ever since the meteorite incident on my way home, I feel that I am marked. Yes, folks, something fell from the sky and hit my car. I don't know what it was, but I do know that it came from above. However, at least I can mark "being struck by meteorite" off of my list of possible ways to die. I mean, what are the chances of it happening again? [Unless I am like that unfortunate soul in THE GREAT OUTDOORS (the movie) who was struck 66 times in the head by lightning...That would happen to me. I am a creature of pattern.]
Anyway, other than that ramble, nothing is happening. I am trying to make myself read as much as possible far, so good, but I am fading fast. The eyes are in need of rest and much mindless entertainment.


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