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Give me a freakin' break. (Pardon my language. I have faults, you know.)

Just a little jewel of a research story to share with everyone...
Today, I worked on a long overdue project concerning researching documents about women's health and beauty. The documents I tried to find were printed during the 1600s. After looking through several resources, I came across the best title of all:

"A discourse of women, shewing their imperfections alphabetically."

Yes, it was written by a man.

Yes, thank you so much, you misogynist bastard. It isn't as if women don't have enough to worry about without pleasing you. And thank you for outlining my faults in an order that I should at least know...I mean, even monkeys are learning to sign the alphabet these days. Gee...Speaking as a 17th century woman, I feel as if my fault for the day is that I feel pissed off....would that be under "P" or subcategorized under "O"? Or, is it a "See also.." situation?

I need chocolate.

Yes. I need lots of it. I am totally exhausted and I don't want to do anything at the moment. I graded, read, and posted assignments all day long. Then, after dinner, I packed up some of my books and things to bring home the next time I am in town. I have no energy left.

Other than that, I posted the photo of Snape, my favorite Harry Potter character other than Hermione Granger, because it perfectly reflected how I felt yesterday as I graded rewrites. One would think that if a student had a chance to rewrite for a higher grade, that student would actually turn in a paper that was different from the original graded copy. I had a student turn in the EXACT same paper. The commas, words--all were the same as the original. Do they think I won't notice? I have them turn in the original with the revision....Ugh. I am NOT amused.


Well, I have to take back everything I said about Valentine's day! My cousin and grandma sent me cards. They were so great and came at a time when I needed them most! So, I still think V's day is a sham for most people, but, when the cards come from people who really, sincerely care for you...well, that is very different!

Okay, so my life has not changed all that much since the last few postings. The major hassel today has to do with this Blog site.. I actually run a total of five blogs. This is my personal blog. However, I also have four other blogs for my students. I post assignments on those blogs (well, two are from last semester). So, has flagged the two blogs I use this semester as potential spam blogs. They are not spam blogs, of course; however, I cannot post to them at the moment. I had to send in a notice to Blogger for both of them so that a "human" could look at them and make sure that I am using them legally. They sent a message back saying th…

ANTI-V's Day

I have always hated this holiday...even when I had a significant other. My friend, Katie, has the best post about it; and, rather than have you read my post, moaning on in a not so funny way, I will just refer you to her site:

Well, things are about the same down here. I am in the process of getting things ready to move. I know it sounds crazy, but I really only have about 2.5 months left. I have a lease until August, so I may take my time moving. However, I have let potential employers know that I can start in May. I think the most important thing is to get the job and start making money. I consolidated all of my student loans yesterday. I was dreading it, but it actually turned out better than I thought. At least I don't have three to four more years to add to them.

Moving is not fun. I can't believe I am doing this all over again.

oh well....

Big Change

This is to let everyone know that between May and August, I will be leaving the Sunshine State for good. There are many reasons for this...however, the main reason is economics. Originally, the dept. allowed me to be registered as an instate student (one of the reasons I decided to come down here). Well, apparently, they found out that they could not do that any longer...and no one notified me of this because I just found out, I am having to pay a huge amount in tuition, I have no financial aid resources for the semester because of it (a major factor in a decision to take a second job...I will be working 10-20 hours on the weekend at Panera Bread Co. in addition to my 14 hour days on campus teaching and taking classes), and, let's just face it--that ain't good, to use my superb English skills. The normal response has been: well, next semester you will be instate, right? True. But this has broken the bank and I am officially done in every sense of the word.

It was a …