Give me a freakin' break. (Pardon my language. I have faults, you know.)

Just a little jewel of a research story to share with everyone...
Today, I worked on a long overdue project concerning researching documents about women's health and beauty. The documents I tried to find were printed during the 1600s. After looking through several resources, I came across the best title of all:

"A discourse of women, shewing their imperfections alphabetically."

Yes, it was written by a man.

Yes, thank you so much, you misogynist bastard. It isn't as if women don't have enough to worry about without pleasing you. And thank you for outlining my faults in an order that I should at least know...I mean, even monkeys are learning to sign the alphabet these days. Gee...Speaking as a 17th century woman, I feel as if my fault for the day is that I feel pissed off....would that be under "P" or subcategorized under "O"? Or, is it a "See also.." situation?


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