I need chocolate.

Yes. I need lots of it. I am totally exhausted and I don't want to do anything at the moment. I graded, read, and posted assignments all day long. Then, after dinner, I packed up some of my books and things to bring home the next time I am in town. I have no energy left.

Other than that, I posted the photo of Snape, my favorite Harry Potter character other than Hermione Granger, because it perfectly reflected how I felt yesterday as I graded rewrites. One would think that if a student had a chance to rewrite for a higher grade, that student would actually turn in a paper that was different from the original graded copy. I had a student turn in the EXACT same paper. The commas, words--all were the same as the original. Do they think I won't notice? I have them turn in the original with the revision....Ugh. I am NOT amused.


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