Well, I have to take back everything I said about Valentine's day! My cousin and grandma sent me cards. They were so great and came at a time when I needed them most! So, I still think V's day is a sham for most people, but, when the cards come from people who really, sincerely care for you...well, that is very different!

Okay, so my life has not changed all that much since the last few postings. The major hassel today has to do with this Blog site.. I actually run a total of five blogs. This is my personal blog. However, I also have four other blogs for my students. I post assignments on those blogs (well, two are from last semester). So, blogger.com has flagged the two blogs I use this semester as potential spam blogs. They are not spam blogs, of course; however, I cannot post to them at the moment. I had to send in a notice to Blogger for both of them so that a "human" could look at them and make sure that I am using them legally. They sent a message back saying that both of my blogs were fine and I could start posting. Well, one works and the other is still blocked!!! Damn them. Anyway, I sent another message and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Other than that, I am having a hard time staying motivated in school. The only thing I can think about is finding a job. It sucks being poor.


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