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I just ran my first mile--straight--since last year. I feel it, too. But, I am happy I was able to do it. Actually, I don't think you could call it "running," but it was definitely between walking and running. A light jog. :)

So, now, I am setting a huge agenda for myself this weekend. I want to get a lot of stuff done before I come home in a few weeks (so that I don't have to work over my brief trip). So, I plan to read all of the articles that I can get for my Shakespeare paper, make an outline, and, hopefully, begin writing the paper. I also need to get my work done for literary criticism, but that shouldn't take too long. I finished my homework for Romanticism, so at least that is out of the way. However, I still need to plan my teaching schedule for the next two weeks. Yippie. Loads of caffine will be needed.


I just realized that I have been posting on this blog for over one year!! My first post was on March 6, of last year!!! Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Loathing Lear...and indulging in a rant (I apologize in advance.)

Maybe it is just that I am exhausted, but I am finding that reading King Lear this time is killing me. I have read the play twice before now, but I don't remember the finer details. I enjoyed it the first time, but now it is just a chore...probably because my mind is in a million places at once. Every Tuesday night, I come home with a headache due to information overload! I need some fun in my life, people!! And, yet, there is no time.

Actually, today I had one of those universal experiences (in King Lear fashion). A girl that I know arrived to class early and began talking to me incessantly. She is the kind that likes to speak loudly, deliberately drawing attention to herself, desperate for all to notice her. She gets right in your face, still speaking loudly, and goes on and on about her life and how brilliant she is. It drives me nuts. I am forcing myself to make time for fun reading this semester, and that was what I was doing before she came up to me. I was trying to get throu…

Ugh...totally exhausted.

Another productive day...but I am so exhausted.

Also, have a student story for the record books...but, I will be proper and not refer to it here. You will just have to ask me about it when you see me. I don't think I have ever encountered one like this before. Totally shameless.

A Clue to Harry Potter's Professor Snape...?

Part of what I am going to say is old news: Severus Snape's character could be based on a Roman ruler of Britain in the early part of the 3rd century. (See )

However, I have a bit to add....

I am researching a bit of information for my Shakespeare paper and am reading Machiavelli's The Prince. In one of the chapters/sections, he refers to Septimus Severus, saying of the ancient rulers, "all except Severus came to a bad end. For in Severus was so much virtue that, by keeping the soldiers his friends, although the people were overburdened by him, he was always able to rule happily because his virtues made him so admirable in the sight of the soldiers and the people that the latter remained somehow astonished and stupefied, while the former were reverent and satisfied." Additionally, I saw where he brought a century of peace to Britain. Despite the fact that it has been reported that J.K. Rowling created Snape based on a hated te…

Freak of Nature

How is it possible to gain 3.5 pounds overnight? Especially when one is on a diet??? Come on!!! I need some inspiration to keep this healthy eating going. Not to mention the exercise.... My grandmother has a little sign in her bathroom that says "Diet is Die with a T". So true.

Well, other than that, I have to say that I have been super productive today. I finished a book for class, ironed all the clothes that I let pile up in my living room, typed up my essay for Wednesday night's class, and, now, I am writing this blog. But I am not finished yet, people! I am still on a roll!!!! I have another little essay to write up and some reading to, I must leave the blogosphere and get to it.


Yesterday, I tried very hard to get my work done...but it was just impossible. I did read some for class, but I also went to the public library twice (a really long drive, for those of you who know where it is) and read some great trash. I just need a break sometimes.

Anyway, other than that, things are okay. I am still doing well with the new "healthy living" plan. I have worked out three times this week!!! Except for my running days, this must be a record. My friend, Melissa, is trying to convince me to train for the Disney Marathon in January. I might do it again. At least that course is flat. The Birmingham course was murder. At least I would have killer legs again!

New Life...Day one.

Well, I decided on the way down here that I would get serious about exercise and good health. So, I have begun, today, with a new healthy lifestyle, vowing to eat right and exercise (at least four times a week). I mean, I did train for a marathon, for goodness sake! I can do this again. Today, I have been doing well, so I will update periodically on the blog.

Other than that, I finished my midterm (holy crap) and began working on all of my other assignments that suffered because of it. That thing took ten years off of my life. I need serious R and R after that one...maybe I will watch a good movie tonight!

Dazed and Confused

I just got back into town and my spring "break" is officially over. However, I am working on a midterm that is killing me. I have been trying to finish it for a week and it is just insane how much work I am putting into it. I should stop myself. Anyway, the drive down was fine until I hit Gainesville. Then, I had to drive 25-45 mph for 100 miles. The reason: everyone was getting off on the FL turnpike to go to Disney World. I don't want to hear anything about sales being down. The mouse controls the world.

Anyway, other than that, I am just exhausted. My trip home was great. I saw a lot of family and friends; however, I worked just as much as I played.

Well, I think I will make something to eat and sign off for the evening. More later if I am awake...

9 more hours...

And I am FREE!!! Spring break officially begins for me at 9 p.m. tonight, after my last class.

Anyway, you might think that all my hype about Harry Potter was anticlimatic because I didn't write anything about it yesterday; however, Tuesdays suck the life out of me because I am on campus ALL day. I am still soooooooo excited. I am also only letting myself read a chapter a day of the sixth book. I will not be happy when it is over.

So, there really isn't much more to tell. My class (the one I teach) had the big debate yesterday. I have to say that it was not nearly as fun this semester as it was last semester. The students seem to be really tired...gee, I wonder why? Anyway, we debated abstinence only sex ed. vs.comprehensive sex ed. It is usally a really funny debate...and I have heard some stories!

Well, until next time....

I can't move.

Literally. I have been sitting in the same place for eight hours. I have only gotten up four times. Research is making me into an old hag. I bet that, if there was a scientific study done (long term) on graduate students, we would find that we die early from exhaustion...and possibly from dullness. We may even find that we kill other people due to our dullness.

This story beats them all!

Okay, those of you who know me probably realize that I have bizare tire woes. In the past, I have had more flat tires than any of us can remember. (Once, a staple --yes, a staple-- caused my tire to go flat. Granted, it was a fairly large staple, but the guy that found it in my flat tire could not believe it!) Anyway, last night, although it was not a flat tire, I did have tire woes.

At five p.m., I went to a local Barnes and Noble because Jack Klugman was there signing his new book about him and Tony Randall. The signing was at seven and I was out of there by 7:30. On the way home, I heard an ambulance; so, I pulled into a turn lane, which eventually forced me to turn onto a street that I normally would avoid at night. Shortly after, as I was driving down this street, I heard this clicking noise coming from my front tire. I almost died! I thought for sure that my days were over, that I was going to die in Florida near the hooker hangout (Jeff and Jessica know what I mean!) and I would…

Random Ramble

Well, I really have nothing to say. I worked this morning on research, then I went to campus for a meeting with my professor, who said the nicest things to me when she found out I was leaving. It made me feel better, like I wasn't a total loser! Anyway, other than that, I just went to class. My night class was cancelled (thank goodness).

After arriving at home, I launched into an Everybody Loves Raymond festival. Because I missed most of the preliminary American Idol shows, I just can't get into that this year. So, I am watching reruns of other shows and reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during what little spare time that I have. Anyway, that is about it for me these days. If anyone else has a funny story to share, I would love to hear it.