I just ran my first mile--straight--since last year. I feel it, too. But, I am happy I was able to do it. Actually, I don't think you could call it "running," but it was definitely between walking and running. A light jog. :)

So, now, I am setting a huge agenda for myself this weekend. I want to get a lot of stuff done before I come home in a few weeks (so that I don't have to work over my brief trip). So, I plan to read all of the articles that I can get for my Shakespeare paper, make an outline, and, hopefully, begin writing the paper. I also need to get my work done for literary criticism, but that shouldn't take too long. I finished my homework for Romanticism, so at least that is out of the way. However, I still need to plan my teaching schedule for the next two weeks. Yippie. Loads of caffine will be needed.


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