Freak of Nature

How is it possible to gain 3.5 pounds overnight? Especially when one is on a diet??? Come on!!! I need some inspiration to keep this healthy eating going. Not to mention the exercise.... My grandmother has a little sign in her bathroom that says "Diet is Die with a T". So true.

Well, other than that, I have to say that I have been super productive today. I finished a book for class, ironed all the clothes that I let pile up in my living room, typed up my essay for Wednesday night's class, and, now, I am writing this blog. But I am not finished yet, people! I am still on a roll!!!! I have another little essay to write up and some reading to, I must leave the blogosphere and get to it.


katie g. said…
As a yo-yo dieter of epic proportions, gaining weight in combination with dieting and exercise is a symptom of one of two things: you are either not eating enough to sustain the new workout regimen or your muscles are swollen from the new routine. Check yourself next week.

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