Loathing Lear...and indulging in a rant (I apologize in advance.)

Maybe it is just that I am exhausted, but I am finding that reading King Lear this time is killing me. I have read the play twice before now, but I don't remember the finer details. I enjoyed it the first time, but now it is just a chore...probably because my mind is in a million places at once. Every Tuesday night, I come home with a headache due to information overload! I need some fun in my life, people!! And, yet, there is no time.

Actually, today I had one of those universal experiences (in King Lear fashion). A girl that I know arrived to class early and began talking to me incessantly. She is the kind that likes to speak loudly, deliberately drawing attention to herself, desperate for all to notice her. She gets right in your face, still speaking loudly, and goes on and on about her life and how brilliant she is. It drives me nuts. I am forcing myself to make time for fun reading this semester, and that was what I was doing before she came up to me. I was trying to get through another chapter of Pullman's The Golden Compass. (Has anyone read this series?? What do you think about it? I am surprised it is sold in the children's department alongside Harry Potter...it is very complex.) Anyway, I was enjoying my time in the quiet, cool building (dreadfully hot down here today...I almost couldn't breathe!), and THERE SHE WAS, going on and on about how she was so brilliant as a child and is now. And here I am, nodding politely, just wanting her to shut up so that I can finally find out about Lyra's past (character in the book).I will say that the girl has a great talent: she has a steel trap mind; so, she remembers everything she reads and where she read it, making her our source for any line in the text of the play. This is admirable and a skill I wished I possessed. However, she doesn't think critically about the plays...but you wouldn't know that from her point of view. Now, we all have weaknesses. I am a fair writer, but I am not brilliant and I certainly don't know crap about Elizabethan England. I acknowledge this right off. But crazy chick knows it all....and that is annoying.

Sorry about my vent, but seeing as this is my only human contact at the moment, you will just have to go along with it!


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