New Life...Day one.

Well, I decided on the way down here that I would get serious about exercise and good health. So, I have begun, today, with a new healthy lifestyle, vowing to eat right and exercise (at least four times a week). I mean, I did train for a marathon, for goodness sake! I can do this again. Today, I have been doing well, so I will update periodically on the blog.

Other than that, I finished my midterm (holy crap) and began working on all of my other assignments that suffered because of it. That thing took ten years off of my life. I need serious R and R after that one...maybe I will watch a good movie tonight!


katie g. said…
I need to get serious about working out as well. I figure if I am going to have to pour myself into some sort of poofy bridesmaid dress in the next year or so, I better develop a serious eating disorder, apply for gastric bypass, or do it the old fashioned way. UGH.

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