Chicago relived.

This is a Chicago story I must share.

So, when I finally got to Chicago (my flight was delayed), I made my way to my apartment in the middle of the city. It was a beautiful building and I was really excited to be there. The doorman (actually a doorwoman) began to check me in and then gave me the keys. When I grabbed my suitcase, she said, "Oh, by the way, your other party checked in earlier." I paused and asked her what she meant. She then said that I was listed as the other half of a couple listed on the lease for the weekend. She said the guy had already checked in. I emphatically explained that there was no couple thing happening with me, that I was proudly spending time in my room as a solo occupant. She insisted that I was part of a couple. However, after much protest, the lady finally believed me. So, she called the manager. The manager informed her that the other guy had been there earlier but left that afternoon. So, I was told to proceed to my room.

I went up to the 23rd floor (fantastic view, by the way) and walked to number 2309. I put the key in the lock, opened the door, and was startled to see wine glasses on the dining room table and the bathroom light on. The bed also looked rumpled. I flew out of the room, made my way back to the desk, and explained that someone was definitely in my room and that I had probably just walked in on him--either that or the room was dirty.

Another phone call to the manager ensued, the doorwoman repeating my concern about the wine glasses and light, but neglecting to mention the rumpled bed linen. The manager insisted wine glasses were always out for new arrivals. I could tell the doorwoman would not believe me unless I tried to enter the room again. So, I went back up to the 23rd floor, opened the door, and walked further inside. No one was there (thank goodness) but the bed was definitely messed up and towels were all over the floor.

So....I go back downstairs and explain all of this to the doorwoman again. Finally, a manger goes up there, sees that my story is valid, and returns to tell me that the room must be cleaned (true that). Long story short: I didn't get into my room until really late. But, I had the best view of Chicago ever!


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