Who knew?

Today, I am finally caught up on all of my work (and am actually ahead in some classes) so I have been lounging all day. Well, "all day" except for my workout. I had forgotten what it felt like to be able to sit back and relax! Anyway, I am going home this weekend for a mini-holiday. I hope to see all of my family (Jess...if you read this, send me a line and let me know what you guys are planning for Easter. Are you going to T-town??).

Anyway, I had a phone interview this morning that went really well. It is for a summer job, but it sounds great and the money is excellent. I have another phone interview on Friday, so wish me luck!!!

Other than that, I think I will take the rest of the evening and watch some trash on t.v. Enjoy!


jess said…
susie, we will be down on sunday, what are your plans? i would love to see you!! j

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