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My friend, Katie, got a fabulous job and I thought I would spend today's blog congratulating her!!! I am really happy for you!

It seems like people are in a good-luck cycle right now. My cousin, Jessica, found out that she now has a fabulous business opportunity, Katie has a job, and the planets are perfectly aligned. (Well, I don't know about that last bit, but it sounded good.)

Anyway, a big shout out to all my library school buds who are employed now!!! (Lyda, Katie, Elizabeth, etc....) HOORAY!!!! The degree paid off!

I remember nothing.

Well, another week has passed. My mind can't keep up with anything. I remember nothing.

My mom has been mentioning my cousin, Audrey's, wedding all week. And, even though we have talked about it, I forgot it was even taking place last night. Mom called when I got into my car after teaching in Hoover and said, "Well, are you on your way? Are you going home to change?" Ummm....change into what? A bottle of Maker's Mark is the only thing I want to dissolve into at this point. I was hungry and exhausted. Anyway, when I came home, mom had gone to the wedding because I wasn't going to make the time. I got dressed, tried to cover up the exhaustion, and went to the reception. And, PRAISE GOD, there was free wine. I wasn't sure about this one...some weddings around here, due to religious affiliation, may not serve, um, tasty beverages. However, Audrey came through and was having quite a nice time herself.

I actually hate weddings. I can't stand going to them. H…


I just heard on the news that Polar Bears are resorting to cannibalism because of a natural food shortage.

I guess I did not suffer the crisis I imagined during finals week when I could not find my Dove dark chocolate at Target in Tampa. However, I could have sworn that the world was ending and thought I saw people hoarding little red foil wrapped chocolate bits everywhere...

I think this is my perfect food. It is smooth, delicious, and includes little messages inside each individually wrapped piece (appealing to the literature lover in me). Ahhh...ask yourself: If the world ran out of your favorite food, would you resort to cannibalism? (I am surely going to hell for making light of such a sad situation. I love Polar Bears, really. I am actually teaching three of my reading classes from books that include a polar bear character. I am sad and sick.)

Feeling Better.

Well, the foot is getting much better. It has been a pain, literally. I am feeling a little better about my job, even though I am still exhausted! I had a wonderful conversation with a parent today, and two days ago a parent handed me a note saying that for the first time ever her daughter was excited about something she had read. That was really great! Still, I am in need of a vacation and some sun (with lots of SPF100 covering my body!).

Other than that, yesterday, after finishing up with my teaching, I had dinner with my cousin, Jessica. (Hey, Jess!!) We had a great time and it was just what I needed after a long week. At dinner, I told her that she needs to read the book Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (another huge crush of mine).

My favorite episode on the Travel Channel is when he went to France and tried absinthe. If you aren't familiar with him, you should check out his show or read one of his books. They are so funny! (Of course, only if you can stand the crass…


Well, I teach classes tomorrow all day and that will conclude week two of my summer job. It is something else...but I won't go on and on.

So, basically, I wish I had something to add to this blog. I have no life, I am exhausted, my foot is killing me because of a minor injury (which doesn't make life easy when I have to walk all over Samford campus to get to these classes, carrying all kinds of books and things), and I just need a good night of sleep.

What is everyone doing these days?? I am sure you have something more interesting to say than I do right now!! Leave some comments and inspire me....

It ain't pretty.

Well, I finished my first week of teaching. Some parts were good...others not. I will save that conversation for another time. Right now, I am totally exhausted because I just go in from another day of this and I can barely hold my head up. Anyway, more later when I am awake...