I remember nothing.

Well, another week has passed. My mind can't keep up with anything. I remember nothing.

My mom has been mentioning my cousin, Audrey's, wedding all week. And, even though we have talked about it, I forgot it was even taking place last night. Mom called when I got into my car after teaching in Hoover and said, "Well, are you on your way? Are you going home to change?" Ummm....change into what? A bottle of Maker's Mark is the only thing I want to dissolve into at this point. I was hungry and exhausted. Anyway, when I came home, mom had gone to the wedding because I wasn't going to make the time. I got dressed, tried to cover up the exhaustion, and went to the reception. And, PRAISE GOD, there was free wine. I wasn't sure about this one...some weddings around here, due to religious affiliation, may not serve, um, tasty beverages. However, Audrey came through and was having quite a nice time herself.

I actually hate weddings. I can't stand going to them. However, just showing up for the reception is wonderful. I am a much better wedding guest for attending that function alone. My younger cousin, Courtney, made me get out and dance; but, other than that, I avoided personal embarassment.

Other than that, I am in a comatose state. Sundays are like that for me now.


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