Well, I teach classes tomorrow all day and that will conclude week two of my summer job. It is something else...but I won't go on and on.

So, basically, I wish I had something to add to this blog. I have no life, I am exhausted, my foot is killing me because of a minor injury (which doesn't make life easy when I have to walk all over Samford campus to get to these classes, carrying all kinds of books and things), and I just need a good night of sleep.

What is everyone doing these days?? I am sure you have something more interesting to say than I do right now!! Leave some comments and inspire me....


katie g. said…
Unfortunately, I am not doing anything interesting, but if you are on Samford's campus we need to hang out. let's get dinner or see a movie so you can get a break and fill me in on the job.
littlelai said…
Freshmen orientation starts at UNCO today, so I am doing 2 sessions of that, telling them how great the library is yada yada.

Summer in Colorado is pretty humidity makes a hot day cool!!!

Just working though, nothing too great. Camping in the Rockies is about it!!

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