I need a life.

Seriously. I am probably the most boring person on Earth. Anyway, my friend Kelly and I watched a great film today called Kinky Boots. Here is a link for it:

It was really a great film and I was happy to see the guy from Love Actually in another movie.

Other than that, I am getting super nervous because I am taking my car in tomorrow for repair work. I hate having to do that...I need some things checked out and I just don't want it to be too expensive. (Right.) I have two more weeks of work...and, then, school starts. So, here I go again!

Well, once I have something interesting to say I will try to post. (I.E. don't expect much.)


katie g. said…
What are you going back to school for?
Susie said…
Finishing up the PhD here...they pay for everything.
littlelai said…
All paid for...hell yeah!!

keep us posted!

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