T Minus Three Weeks

I have three weeks left of my summer job. This term has been different from the last term, some new challenges and some easier situations.

Other than that, I am very excited about a new database I just found on-line:


I love the British. My friend, Kelly, believes that those of us whose ancestors chose to come to America ought to try to find other relatives still alive on the big island and form a class-action law suit. Kelly just got back from London (she was there for almost two months) and we both agree that our relatives had to have been smoking crack (or opium or some other narcotic) to have left there in the first place. I am very bitter. So, until I can go there for an extended stay, I will just have to watch movies and hang out with my British friends.

Dad update: He his doing really well. He gets frustrated because he cannot see the progress he is making, but my mom and I try to snap him out of it ASAP.


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