Well, as you can see, it has been a really long time since I posted anything! My dad had a massive heart attack and was on life support for a couple of days. He came off of it and can walk and talk and everything. The only thing he is struggling with right now is his short term memory. The doctors say it will return in about three to six months. So, my mom is taking advantage of the Family Leave Act and staying home with him for three months. He is doing better but he is very frustrated because he can't remember everything (luckily he doesn't remember anything about the night it happened). Sometimes he gets a little depressed, but I try to talk him out of it as soon as I see him looking down. The night it happened, the doctors did not think he would live through the night; but, now, he is doing so well, he doesn't even need any physical therapy--and it has only been 16 days since he had the attack! The only therapy he will attend for a while is cognitive therapy, to help with the memory.

I am teaching the second summer term of the reading program. Things are good, but it is exhausting, as usual!

Well, I will try to update more later. We are all pretty tired right now because we are trying to get dad to sleep through the night!


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