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Searching for a topic because my brain is fried.

Well, I really wish I had something to discuss. I feel like all of my creativity is out of reach right now! The only thing I can really talk about (because I am constantly reading it) is the novel Clarissa. It is really fascinating, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone afraid of reading REALLY long books. My version, with over-sized pages and teeny-tiny print is 1500 pages. I think the Penguin edition is the only complete, unabridged version available. Anyway, it really sucks you in after a while, although I still can't figure out the motives of the characters just now.

Other than that, I am finished with week 2 of teaching this semester. My students are a good group and I hope it will be a good semester.

Also, I ran 6 miles this morning (ugh). For the first time, it was actually pleasant outside because the humidity wasn't overwhelming...however, that did not help my running ability. I can't wait for fall weather!

Christmas in July....

AND THANKSGIVING IN AUGUST!!! Yes, folks, I am about to turn the big 3-0. So, because I have to teach on my real birthday, my grandmother made my favorite meal today! (Thanks, grandma and Larry!) We had turkey and dressing, roasted veggies, peas, beans, cranberry sauce, was lovely.

Other than that, I am busy preparing for the first real week of classes. Last week, I just introduced myself and the class to the material and course objectives. However, now, we start for good! Actually, I am putting to good use a lot of the lesson-plan-making skills I learned over the summer. Planning out eight different classes per week is quite a job, I tell you. I don't know what to do now that I only have one preparation to invent!

Also, I am reading the LONGEST book on earth: CLARISSA. I am actually on a reading schedule with it because it needs to be finished by week 10 of the semester...It is 1500 pages. You do the math (because I can't).

The new blog address!!

Well, everyone, I have moved the blog to my old address! I no longer live in Tampa so I can't have the address for susieupdatetampa, now could I?
I will try to notify everyone very soon!

Gasping for breath.

Well, I have joined up with my running buddies here in T-town. And, to provide myself with adequate motivation to get up at 5 am three times a week to run five miles or more, I signed up for the Disney 1/2 marathon in January and will soon sign up for the Mercedes 1/2 marathon in Feb. If I don't do that, I will never get myself out and run. Surprisingly, I am enjoying myself so far!

Other than that, my mind is finally calming down enough to enjoy my brief week off...ugh, it is already Thursday. Anyway, that is about it. I haven't read nearly as much as I wanted to because this week has been super busy.

Last Saturday, I just spent the day exhausted. Sunday, we went to the Bright Star restaurant in Bessemer. It was Dad's first trip out of town. He did well, but was really tired after. When I came home, I decided to make a trip to the public library. On the way home, I had a flat tire. I had to drive on the tire for a bit because I was not in a safe area. Eventually, I made it…

Me, again!

I feel like myself again! My summer job is finished and I have a week to relax before the new year (academic) begins. So, I decided, today, considering Alabama had its first ever tax free weekend, to make a positive change. I bought a pair of running shoes and will begin to re-train myself starting on Tuesday morning with my old running group. I also, as a fixed motivation, signed up for the Disney Half-Marathon in January (13.1 miles through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot). So, I am very excited. As I said when I trained for the Mercedes Marathon: "At least I get a good t-shirt out of it!"

I am also trying to get everything in order around me. I want things to be more organized than they have been all summer.

Dad is doing well and will complete his last week of cognitive therapy on Wednesday.

Other than that...I don't really have a lot to tell. I have been reading some great books...Ralph's Party, some books by Anne Rice, some children's lit (including Peter Pan...v…


Then, I will be finished teaching and I can take a mini-vacation from work. I have a week off before orientation begins here in T-town. I plan to read much non-literary material, including romance novels, chick lit, and anything else that I feel like reading.

Also, my dvd player arrives, I will spend much time watching British films (I have ordered two for the player and also Kelly, my friend here, has a few). I CAN'T WAIT! Plus, I can finally get things straightened up around here. Still have a few boxes to unpack...

Dad is doing great with memory therapy. In fact, he is doing so well that they are releasing him after next week! No one can believe how well he is doing!

In the evenings, when I am relaxing, I am reading a book called Ralph's Party by Lisa Jewell. It is a chick lit book written around 1998 (I think). Anyway, it is a lot of fun. My former professor recommened that I read it. True, as he said, the author doesn't plunge into the depths of the singl…