Christmas in July....

AND THANKSGIVING IN AUGUST!!! Yes, folks, I am about to turn the big 3-0. So, because I have to teach on my real birthday, my grandmother made my favorite meal today! (Thanks, grandma and Larry!) We had turkey and dressing, roasted veggies, peas, beans, cranberry sauce, was lovely.

Other than that, I am busy preparing for the first real week of classes. Last week, I just introduced myself and the class to the material and course objectives. However, now, we start for good! Actually, I am putting to good use a lot of the lesson-plan-making skills I learned over the summer. Planning out eight different classes per week is quite a job, I tell you. I don't know what to do now that I only have one preparation to invent!

Also, I am reading the LONGEST book on earth: CLARISSA. I am actually on a reading schedule with it because it needs to be finished by week 10 of the semester...It is 1500 pages. You do the math (because I can't).


Anonymous said…
Susie, I hope you have a great day!! Happy Birthday!! Love, Jess
Anonymous said…
Hope You had a great birthday Susie! Love-Gayle

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