Me, again!

I feel like myself again! My summer job is finished and I have a week to relax before the new year (academic) begins. So, I decided, today, considering Alabama had its first ever tax free weekend, to make a positive change. I bought a pair of running shoes and will begin to re-train myself starting on Tuesday morning with my old running group. I also, as a fixed motivation, signed up for the Disney Half-Marathon in January (13.1 miles through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot). So, I am very excited. As I said when I trained for the Mercedes Marathon: "At least I get a good t-shirt out of it!"

I am also trying to get everything in order around me. I want things to be more organized than they have been all summer.

Dad is doing well and will complete his last week of cognitive therapy on Wednesday.

Other than that...I don't really have a lot to tell. I have been reading some great books...Ralph's Party, some books by Anne Rice, some children's lit (including Peter Pan...very interesting). Anyway, that is about it....maybe I will gain some excitement soon!


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