The new blog address!!

Well, everyone, I have moved the blog to my old address! I no longer live in Tampa so I can't have the address for susieupdatetampa, now could I?
I will try to notify everyone very soon!


Anonymous said…
Hey beautiful,
Glad things are going well with you and your family. I wish your dad all the best in his recovery. Say hi to your mom for me. I've been meaning to watch Kinky Boots as well. It looked like a really good movie. I love my brits too. they're so British. One of my favorite actors is in it. Chiwetel Ejiofor. I think he's one of the guys in drag. He was in another great movie called Dirty Pretty Things. The actress from Amelie is in it too. Tatou is her last name I think. He was also the villian in the sci fi movie serenity based on that Josh Wheadon t.v. show Firefly. I know it sounds like I'm Chiwetel Ejiofor's agent, but he's really good. oh yes, Benny Hill! The quintesential British Actor! God save the Queen? To hell with that! God save Benny Hill! Take that Liz.

I miss you susie. Hope I can see you soon.

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