Searching for a topic because my brain is fried.

Well, I really wish I had something to discuss. I feel like all of my creativity is out of reach right now! The only thing I can really talk about (because I am constantly reading it) is the novel Clarissa. It is really fascinating, but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone afraid of reading REALLY long books. My version, with over-sized pages and teeny-tiny print is 1500 pages. I think the Penguin edition is the only complete, unabridged version available. Anyway, it really sucks you in after a while, although I still can't figure out the motives of the characters just now.

Other than that, I am finished with week 2 of teaching this semester. My students are a good group and I hope it will be a good semester.

Also, I ran 6 miles this morning (ugh). For the first time, it was actually pleasant outside because the humidity wasn't overwhelming...however, that did not help my running ability. I can't wait for fall weather!


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