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Questions and Answers

Okay, so on Wednesday morning I went to the dermatologist. I haven't been in six years, so, of course, I had massive amounts of paper to fill out with lots of personal information. As I went through various lists to check off, I had to fight the urge to write crazy things next to the boxes. For example, one section said to "check off the box if you have experienced any of the following..."

I checked the "no" box so many times that I felt kind of boring after a while. So, when I got to "weight loss," I wanted to write "I wish." When I saw "headaches...depression...anxiety...," I thought, "Well, yea....I am a graduate student getting a Ph.D. in English. Of course I experience these things." After a while, to kill time, I ended up making up answers in my head and laughing to myself so much that I am sure others in the office thought I was nuts. The things I have to do for fun.

Breathing Freely

I just finished having paper conferences with my students. It is something I like to do, but it just takes up so much time! At the end of it all (and this semester I have about 58 students), I feel more sleepy than when I run a long time! Ugh.

The leg is still sore. I keep hoping that it will get better soon...I am starting to give in to stress and that isn't good. I need to run!!! Oh well.

I am trying to think of anything funny that has happened to me lately...hmmm...well, I should have something funny to say this weekend. I have to drive up to KY to pick up my grandma. My great-great-uncle's neighbors bring her halfway from Indiana to Alabama (i.e. the KY/TN line). So, I will meet them, my grandma, and my 94-yr-old great-great-uncle on Sunday. He is a trip so I will keep everyone informed!


Oh so sad.

Well, I had to break down and go to the doctor. After I ran yesterday, I felt sore, but relatively okay for a while. Then, about 6:45 last night, my leg cramped up really bad! So, today I went to see the doc and he said I have to stop running for at least 3 weeks (but should avoid running for a month if possible). UGH. So, that means that by the time the Vulcan run comes around I will be super SLOW.

So, anyway, I have some medicine I have to take for a couple of weeks (basically powerful ALEVE). Not being able to run is very bad. VERY BAD. I need the stress release. Oh well. Expect interesting blogs for a month. (hah)

A fallen woman.

Well, no, I did not literally fall; however, my leg felt as if it wanted to collapse beneath me this morning! (Actually, I am being dramatic. I am sore and stiff right now, but it is okay.) I hit the training grounds again this morning. We had a big group and went five miles. Also, the ROTC was out...which made us all feel like wimps. Still, I can plead an injury for now! I especially enjoy the picture above. The woman is down on the ground and a dog is sniffing her for signs of life...that would be my lovely Casey. He might sniff, but then he would go down for a nap. The people gawking the the background would be my running partners. In fact, this will be me after the 10K I have promised to run with my cousin, Jessica, in a couple of months. You see, she is running, too...only she is REALLY running, learning to run a 10K without stopping. Yep. This picture is really a glimpse into my future, folks.



I have injured my right leg, folks. I was supposed to run in a 5K this weekend, but it looks like that is out. I have a bad strain in my hamstring, so, until the pain goes away, I am out of the game. (Approx. 3 weeks according to most sources.) So, for all of you who don't remember a thing about anatomy, this is me running:
Well, it is sort of me...minus the fact that this is a picture of a guy, of course. The big thing in red is the hamstring and that is what is hurting me.
Other than that, I am just working and working. I am still reading Clarissa and probably will be forever. The book is great, but I am running out of time during the week to read it. I am still on schedule, for now.

Saturday, I went to Birmingham to babysit. The kids and I had a great time and I try to ignore the fact that they are getting too old to need me around much longer! Well, more later. Now, I have to get ready to go out to campus and walk the m…

Skilled beyond belief; OR, All of my education finally payed off.

Yes, folks, today I proved to the world that a woman in pink, nails slightly polished, and wearing girly shoes can have "manly" skills. I INSTALLED A MAILBOX!!! My parents' mailbox was in bad shape, so I convinced them to go to Home Depot and get a new one. This afternoon, I put it up and it looks great. YEA! I have some skills. Maybe, when I finish my Ph.D. and enter the saturated English market, I can become a handywoman. I bet it pays better!