Breathing Freely

I just finished having paper conferences with my students. It is something I like to do, but it just takes up so much time! At the end of it all (and this semester I have about 58 students), I feel more sleepy than when I run a long time! Ugh.

The leg is still sore. I keep hoping that it will get better soon...I am starting to give in to stress and that isn't good. I need to run!!! Oh well.

I am trying to think of anything funny that has happened to me lately...hmmm...well, I should have something funny to say this weekend. I have to drive up to KY to pick up my grandma. My great-great-uncle's neighbors bring her halfway from Indiana to Alabama (i.e. the KY/TN line). So, I will meet them, my grandma, and my 94-yr-old great-great-uncle on Sunday. He is a trip so I will keep everyone informed!


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