A fallen woman.

Well, no, I did not literally fall; however, my leg felt as if it wanted to collapse beneath me this morning! (Actually, I am being dramatic. I am sore and stiff right now, but it is okay.) I hit the training grounds again this morning. We had a big group and went five miles. Also, the ROTC was out...which made us all feel like wimps. Still, I can plead an injury for now! I especially enjoy the picture above. The woman is down on the ground and a dog is sniffing her for signs of life...that would be my lovely Casey. He might sniff, but then he would go down for a nap. The people gawking the the background would be my running partners. In fact, this will be me after the 10K I have promised to run with my cousin, Jessica, in a couple of months. You see, she is running, too...only she is REALLY running, learning to run a 10K without stopping. Yep. This picture is really a glimpse into my future, folks.


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