Oh so sad.

Well, I had to break down and go to the doctor. After I ran yesterday, I felt sore, but relatively okay for a while. Then, about 6:45 last night, my leg cramped up really bad! So, today I went to see the doc and he said I have to stop running for at least 3 weeks (but should avoid running for a month if possible). UGH. So, that means that by the time the Vulcan run comes around I will be super SLOW.

So, anyway, I have some medicine I have to take for a couple of weeks (basically powerful ALEVE). Not being able to run is very bad. VERY BAD. I need the stress release. Oh well. Expect interesting blogs for a month. (hah)


Rachel C. said…
sooooozeeeee! Your poor leg! I just realized you had a blog! I found you on Katie G.'s page.
littlelai said…
At least you can catch up on sappy girly movies and british flicks!! Feel better.
katie g. said…
Can you do the elliptical machine? It will keep you conditioned when you aren't running. Dude, still sucks.

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