I have injured my right leg, folks. I was supposed to run in a 5K this weekend, but it looks like that is out. I have a bad strain in my hamstring, so, until the pain goes away, I am out of the game. (Approx. 3 weeks according to most sources.) So, for all of you who don't remember a thing about anatomy, this is me running:
Well, it is sort of me...minus the fact that this is a picture of a guy, of course. The big thing in red is the hamstring and that is what is hurting me.
Other than that, I am just working and working. I am still reading Clarissa and probably will be forever. The book is great, but I am running out of time during the week to read it. I am still on schedule, for now.

Saturday, I went to Birmingham to babysit. The kids and I had a great time and I try to ignore the fact that they are getting too old to need me around much longer! Well, more later. Now, I have to get ready to go out to campus and walk the marathon distance from my parking space to the library.


katie g. said…
Hope your "hammy" gets better. I guess you're on blogger beta as well. Has it given you fits, too?
Susie said…
I am on blogger beta...not sure about it yet. However, I have a regular blogger account for my EN101 blog...it is the biggest headache!!!

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