Questions and Answers

Okay, so on Wednesday morning I went to the dermatologist. I haven't been in six years, so, of course, I had massive amounts of paper to fill out with lots of personal information. As I went through various lists to check off, I had to fight the urge to write crazy things next to the boxes. For example, one section said to "check off the box if you have experienced any of the following..."

I checked the "no" box so many times that I felt kind of boring after a while. So, when I got to "weight loss," I wanted to write "I wish." When I saw "headaches...depression...anxiety...," I thought, "Well, yea....I am a graduate student getting a Ph.D. in English. Of course I experience these things." After a while, to kill time, I ended up making up answers in my head and laughing to myself so much that I am sure others in the office thought I was nuts. The things I have to do for fun.


littlelai said…
Get better Susie!! How are you?

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